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Our Mission – What We Do

  • The School for Sustainability is the hub of NCKU’s research, teaching, and innovation on sustainable development challenges that face our local communities and global partners. We aim to lead the Education for Sustainable Development as well as Sustainable Development for Education to expand knowledge, skills, and actions that motivate individuals to build a sustainable future and make informed and effective decisions for sustainable development.
  • Established in 2022, the NCKU School for Sustainability provides interdisciplinary and solutions-oriented programs and initiatives. It not only introduces students to complex sustainability challenges and helps them develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement solutions, but also calls for actions allowing faculty and students to delve deeper into specific areas of sustainability with transdisciplinary teams.
  • Global sustainable development challenges involve a high level of uncertainty and difficult judgement calls, and there are many global issues we haven’t yet been investigated much at all. We focus on addressing immediate sustainability challenges that face Taiwan and other regions including Africa, Southeast and South Asia, Central and South America and navigating our efforts to work on global issues that are at a large scale, solvable, but neglected. In other words, these are the issues that receive relatively little attention compared to how important they are and how much can be done about them.
  • The School offers a graduate degree and certificate programs, as well as summer school and various ‘Sustainability Collective’ initiatives. Our transdisciplinary research engagement builds the knowledge base for practical action through a focus on six cross-cutting themes critical to address the necessities of life and the delivery of the SDGs: resilient built environment, circular economy, sustainable water environment, clean and affordable energy, sustainable food systems, sustainable transportation, and corporate sustainability.

Our Community – Who We Are

NCKU is vital for education, research and leadership in sustainability transitions and social innovation. Our faculty, students, and staff pursue learning and research in a culture of collaboration, inclusion, respect, and excellence. Together we develop the knowledge, talent, and leadership to understand the changing environment, put cutting-edge science into action, and create socially responsible solutions to complex environmental problems in Taiwan and around the world.


1111, 2021

2021 Management of Wetland Environment Workshop

November 11th, 2021|Tags: , , , , , |

Last week, on Saturday 6th, the Sustainability Collective’s workshop on wetland environment management was held in Budai 10th saltpan, Chiayi. Organized by Dr. Wang Hsiao-Wen, the head of our Sustainability Collective and...

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