International Masters Program in Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies (MSS)

MSS is designed to prepare students to apply sustainability principles and approaches to careers in a variety of fields, and to address complex human and environmental challenges with creativity and originality. Students with an MSS degree will have the knowledge base and skill set to bring sustainability solutions to corporate, government, community, and NGO sectors. Students in the MSS program will not only participate in real-world research but also learn to effectively communicate within interdisciplinary teams focusing on the development of transitional changes towards sustainability. The MSS program is designed around the International School for Sustainability’s core sustainability competencies, which include:

  • Environmental Ethics and Human Values
  • Sustainable Development and Social Concerns
  • Systems Thinking and Transdisciplinary Research
  • Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives

A distinguishing element of the MSS program is the sustainability living lab experience, in which students work collaboratively on an applied project that emphasizes the application of sustainability principles and approaches to their chosen thesis research field. Students will be able to produce policy-relevant results. This practical experience will position MSS graduates perfectly in today’s competitive, knowledge-intensive job market.


Total Required



Core credits: 5 credits
Sustainability Living Lab / Seminar credits: 4 credits
Elective credits: at least 15 credits
Independent research: 6 credits